American Horse Council Microchip Look-Up
American Horse Council Microchip Look-Up


Q: What is the objective of
The equine industry is looking to technology to address the issues we face in permanently identifying horses. Traditional means of permanent identification, while still applicable, each come with their own drawbacks. While these methods are still used, the drawbacks to microchipping seemed to be resolvable, with a collective effort from the industry. One concern raised with an industry reliance on microchipping in the future was the ability to identify which organizations or agencies housed information on horses. The EMLT was created to address this concern.

Q: What can I search for on provides users with a free tool to search for which organizations host registration information on a horse that has been implanted with a permanent sub-dermal microchip. The American Horse Council suggests new owners implant 15 digit, ISO compliant microchips, however does return results on any style of microchip registered with participating organizations.

Q: How does work?
Participating organizations allow their databases to be ÔÇ£pingedÔÇØ by the EMLT during a search to identify which organizations have registration information on a specific chip number. Organizations who do not wish to be ÔÇ£pingedÔÇØ instead submit a list of microchip numbers to the AHC that contains all of the microchip numbers housed on their system. Neither the AHC nor the EMLT house any personal information on animals or their owners.

Q: How do you use
Simply type in the microchip number you are interested in and wait for the system to return a list of organizations that house information on that chip number. Any additional information that is returned is at the discretion of the organization. Specifically, many organizations have established a safety net program for horses registered within their system. These horse will display a special logo showing their enrollment in such a program. Any specific questions on a chip or the animal that chip was implanted in should be directed to one of the organizations or agencies listed.

Q: What is a ÔÇ£Safety NetÔÇØ Program?
Safety Net programs offer individuals the opportunity to permanently attach their name to a horseÔÇÖs registration for the purposes of providing an option for that horses should it ever be in need of a new home. Safety Net programs vary by organization and are managed by those participating organizations.

Q: What does it mean when I donÔÇÖt get the response I expected?
In order for information to be returned after a search, the microchip has to be registered with an organization, and that organization has to be participating in If you do not get a response to your search:
1. Double check the number you typed in
2. Verify the horse is enrolled in a participating registry